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Question   Great Photos and Subjects
Don: It is always a pleasure and a treat to view your photos. Love the varied subjects and your ability to capture the beauty of even the simplest subjects.....

- Tom Gastio May 04, 2012

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Question   Great Pictures!!
Love the work, especially Alaska. Fond memories of my trip there.

- Mike Silvestri February 25, 2011

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Question   website
Great website Don, wonderful images, easy to navigate, well done!

Bob D

- Bob Daraio February 21, 2011

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Question   Alaska and local photography
Beautiful pictures. Thank you.

- Bonnie Talluto January 17, 2011

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Question   The hidden waterfall is amazing
The hidden waterfall is amazing

- Anna Wheatley January 09, 2009

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Question   Eagles & Bison
Hi Don, I love the shot of the eagle in flight with the blue sky and the Bison locking horns. Beautifully captured.

- Angela Napolitano April 26, 2008

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Question   AMAZING !!!!
amazing... enough said

-  November 05, 2007

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Question   Great water pictures
You definately have a great eye for the perfect picture. Very impressed with your work.

-  April 24, 2007

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Question   Great Pictures!
thanks for letting us know about your website to view your pictures! I always love to see them------------you have such an eye for capturing interesting and unusual subjects.

-  April 23, 2007

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