Portrait: Donald R. ElmendorfDon Elmendorf
Inspiring Landscape & Nature Photographs

I was raised in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, surrounded by the splendor and beauty of nature and all things in our environment. At an early age I was aware of the need to protect our environment while rationally providing a way for people to work and live in harmony with their environment. This recognition of having to work with and not against our natural environment became my life path and professional career for nearly forty years. For most of my adult life I have lived in the Hudson Valley; making Upstate New York and the Hudson Valley my most revisited subjects.

I was educated at Syracuse University; first in Resource Management and Forestry, graduating as an Environmental Engineer. Thereafter, my career became anything but that of a stereotypical engineer. Focusing on investigating, documenting and helping people work at solutions to remedy the ills of man’s activities on the planet. Throughout this time, my companion in performing my duties as an Environmental Professional has been my photographic equipment. It surprises people that the skills needed to identify and document environmental problems are the same skills needed to produce photographic art - the understanding of subject, light, composition and space. Photography has allowed me to express myself as a professional Environmental Engineer and an artist. The work I am now creating has resulted from lots of hard work. I believe you cannot appreciate the science of our universe unless you appreciate the beauty and art of it all.